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About Us

Friends since 3rd grade, Jon Loer and Lauris Lambergs co-founded Renaissance Wealth Advisors in 2019 as a financial planning and investment management firm. Sharing common values and vision, Jon and Lauris are building RWA by helping clients create and sustain long-term well-being, both in the US and across the globe.

No person, family or financial scenario is the same, which is why we use our decades of experience to create custom solutions. From investment management, estate planning and everything in between, we can guide you through volatile times. The stock market and tax laws can change frequently, making it imperative for us to constantly educate ourselves on these topics. We also believe in going above and beyond regarding self-improvement, which includes obtaining financial credentials like the CFP® or CIMA®. In addition, we use many tools like a secure client portal, portfolio management software and other pieces of top-notch technology to facilitate our goal of long-term client well-being.

To learn more about our respective biographies click here.  To learn why we chose the word “Renaissance”, please watch the video below.